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Jewelry care

The MPNY jewels have been treated in such a way that it is difficult for any damage to occur. However, like any jewel, they are delicate pieces and therefore must be taken care of with care. Here are some tips for your jewel to keep its shine, bath, and stay by your side for a long time.

1. Conservation of the bath and shine.

Jewelry may lose its bath or shine over time due to its own use. Therefore, we do not guarantee that the bathroom of our pieces will last forever, since they are more delicate pieces and the loss of color is caused by multiple factors. However, if the following recommendations are taken into account, we can prevent this from happening.

– Prevent the jewel from coming into contact with chemicals such as colognes, cleaning products, cosmetics, creams, etc.
– Do not wet the jewel, avoiding showering with it or bathing in the beach / pool with it. Occasionally, sweat and PH of the skin also affect the state of the jewel.
– Do not expose the jewel to high temperatures, the material can be affected and changing its shape and the stones can undergo color changes.


2. Cleaning

The ideal way to clean your jewelry is to use a soft bristle brush and clean them with warm water and soap with neutral PH. It is important to pay attention to gold plated pieces as they are more delicate and require greater care. Therefore, you should rub gently to avoid losing the bath. Then you must dry them with a suede cloth.

The specific silver suede cloth is also perfect to restore the shine to your jewel if you have lost it.

3. Where to store the jewelry

Ideally, the jewels are stored individually, in places where they are not light and there is a good room temperature.

We advise jewelers, bags or individual plastic bags with airtight closure. We advise against any rubber element, or store jewelry in damp places.